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Admission Test - Single cycle degree course 6 years

Medicine and Surgery degree (LM-41) - Piacenza

- Test access: September 9, 2021

- Test site: Ampliamento of the Plesso didattico di Ingegneria Campus Scienze e Tecnologie (Ampliamento of Lecture Headquarters of Engineering and Sciences & Technologies Campus), Viale delle Scienze, Campus Universitario (How to reach-->Campus)

- Competition Notice: published

- M.I.U.R (Italian Ministery of University and Research)

  1. Procedures and contents of test (in italian language)
  2. Number of programmed accesses (in italian language)
READ CAREFULLY !!! COVID 19 Green Card or molecular or antigenic Swab certification
To be admitted to the test, you must necessarily have a Covid-19 green certification with QR code, that is recognizable by the app "Verifica C 19", provided by the italian Ministry of Health. Even in the case of a negative swab test (carried out within the previous 48 hours), it must be issued by a certifying body with the QR code. No other document can be accepted, according to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Research.
To know about the test

The exam will start at 12:00 p.m. Candidates will have 100 minutes for the exam, according to the Ministerial Decree D.M. n. 732, published on June 25th, 2021 and its relative Annexes, to which Candidates should refer for any detail (please see the list of correlated information on the side).
Test site: candidates are expected to show up for the identification at the entrance of the “Ampliamento” of the “Plesso didattico di Ingegneria Campus Scienze e Tecnologie” (“Ampliamento” of Lecture Headquarters of Engineering and Sciences & Technologies Campus), Viale delle Scienze,Campus Universitario   beginning from 9:00 a.m. of the same day, equipped with the following documents:

  1. A valid I.D.
  2. the receipt of the payment of the exam fee
  3. a copy of the exam enrollment document
  4. According to the Decree Law August 6th, 2021, no. 111: “starting from September 1st, 2021 students must be in possession of the COVID-19 green pass, certifying COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-19 green pass does not apply to those students exempted from COVID-19 vaccination measures because of certified medical reasons, according to the Ministry of Health criteria.
  5. Candidates without COVID-19 green pass must present the result of a NEGATIVE rapid antigenic or molecular test for Sars-CoV-2 (mandatory), performed in an authorized/accredited laboratory not earlier than 48 hours from the day of the exam

Candidates also must:
    • Present, at the time of the identification, a self-certification (you can find it at the link DECLARATION [ITA version] [ENG version]), according to the Presidential Decree artt. 46 e 47 del DPR n. 445/2020, in which the candidate declares not to be subjected to quarantine/fiduciary home isolation and not to be suffering of flu-like symptoms. PLEASE NOTE THAT the self-certification DOES NOT REPLACE the green pass.
    • Wear a FFP2 mask, both inside and outside the exam rooms, according to the Guidelines for the Admission tests issued by the Ministry of University and Research on August 16th, 2021
    • Respect social distancing and avoid gatherings
    • Use disinfectant devices that will be available at the different locations in which objects can be shared (i.e., pens).
    • Candidates are not allowed to introduce any type of food (with the exception of health issues). Candidates are allowed to carry along water. Candidates are strongly encouraged to read the guidelines for anti-COVID-19 measures -->MISURE (only ITA version)

PLEASE, PAY ATTENTION: each Candidate, in order to reach Campus and to know in which room is expected to be present for the exam, will have to click on the link ---->AULA




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