Namur, Belgium - From April 15 to 19, the Haute École de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg (HENALLUX), in collaboration with the University of Parma, the International Hellenic University, Greece, and Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain, hosts an intensive study week as part of an Erasmus Blended Intensive Program. This event focuses on gender violence and vulnerability in women, offering students the opportunity to acquire advanced skills in these critical and highly relevant areas.


The event features the participation of 7 nursing degree students and 3 midwifery degree students, led by Prof. Antonio Bonacaro, Associate Professor of General, Clinical, and Paediatric Nursing Sciences. The week is the culmination of a series of preliminary online sessions, conducted with valuable contributions from Prof. Roberto Sala, Dr. Giuseppe Marletta, and Dr. Sandrino Marra.

It is important to highlight the unique opportunity offered to students to interact directly with professionals and users during guided tours organized in collaboration with prestigious partners such as the Croix-Rouge de Belgique, ESPACE P association, and the Rainbow House. These experiences have allowed students to confront daily realities of gender violence and discrimination in a safe and welcoming environment.

The initiative not only enriches the educational journey of the students but also promotes significant cultural exchange among future healthcare professionals from different European countries. The event underscores the importance of a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to care and understanding of the social and personal dynamics related to gender violence and female vulnerability.

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